USPAP Artwork Appraisals

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There are two key aspects to doing an Appraisal professionally.  First, it is to determine the correct market for your personal property item and Second, is to write up the report according to USPAP Standards. To write up an Appraisal Report according to the Uniform Standards of Professional Apprasial Practice is a key factor that separates the Wellington Gallery  from others who simply "value" an item .  A Professional Appraiser must justify their opinion of value according to North American USPAP.

Our rates are very reasonable and we charge you unless your items are worth appraising. We have no negative reviews!

The Owner of the Wellington Gallery, has been in the art and collectibles business for over 25 years as an appraiser, dealer and collector.

We are highly regarded by museums and institutions (e.g., Golf Canada, Library and Archives Canada, Canadian Sports Hall of Fame), insurance advisors (Chubb, State Farm, Allstate, etc., ) and Lawyers (equitable distribution, divorce, estate) for our knowledge in Fine Art, Sports Memorabilia, Collectibles and Numismatic Coins and we complete Appraisals and Consulting for a wide variety of clients and customizes projects to meet a client’s budget.

The owner is an Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers. There are very few Accredited Members of the ISA in Canada. Obtaining this designation involves considerable training and several years of appraisal experience . We are also a member of numerous organizations dealing in fine art, memorabilia and collectibles, for ex., PCGS, NGC, HA, Leland’s, etc.

It is important that when you seek an appraiser for your special items, you seek one that is also an active dealer in the items to ensure that the appraiser understands the best markets for your collection.

Appraising artwork or Collectibles involves much more than coming up with a “Value”. An experienced appraiser determines the best market for your item. For example, the best market for several top Canadian Artists is not even in Canada, even though they are Canadian Artists! A professional appraisal will be required should you need it in an insurance claim, estate issues, charitable donations, etc. We do appraisals for insurance, re-sale, estate and charitable donations.

ISA Accredited

Professional Appraisers follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). It is extremely important when getting your artwork appraised that you obtain an appraiser who is qualified to do appraisals and is current and knowledgeable with USPAP.

We will tell you in advance if your artwork is worth appraising. A single Market Value Appraisal is approx. 10 to 15 pages in detail and would cost $200**.  Insurance appraisals cost $300** and are typically in excess of 15 pages in length. Generally,  Insurance Appraisals are only required once every few years, depending on the insurer.

**Please note that the cost per appraisal is significantly reduced if you are having more than one personal property item appraised . We provide cost estimates upfront we have no negative reviews! If doing an appraisal isn't cost justified, we will let you know:)

The Wellington Gallery is also a valuable resource in terms of Artwork and Collectibles Consulting. Our experience in the art and collectibles world has been developed through education, direct connections and working relationships with top artists , collectors and dealers world wide and with decades of purchasing and selling both art work and collectibles. 

Artwork and Collectibles Consulting is $150 per hour of consultation. However, if this is accompanied by a purchase or appraisal through the Wellington Gallery, this fee will be waived.