Equitable Distribution

Many divorce proceedings require the appraisal of spousal property to assist in the equitable distribution settlement.  Most are familiar with the need and procedures for any real estate being valued, but are usually uninformed of the process and practice of having the personal property done as well.  This becomes a somewhat touchier subject since personal property involves personal feelings, sentiment, and attachments, and often disagreements about what the property should be worth.  That’s why it’s extremely important to find a professional, unbiased, and impartial appraiser who is competent to not only to “do the right thing”-but to value the property according to the correct standards in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Typically, one of the partners is a collector of art or sports memorabiia or numismatic coins, etc., and the other partner doesn't really care about the items until a divorce and then they really want to know the value of the items! This is where we get involved. Sometimes we are hired by lawyers and sometimes directly by one of the partners.

Our expertise is to determine the market value of the personal property items so that the values can be properly accounted for in the divorce proceedings.