What Is My Estate Worth?

Estate appraisals involving personal property often have many considerations. Typically, when someone passes,  there are often wills, probates, legal title, tax implications and a large number of personal property items? This can seem overwhelming.

A first step is to get advice before dealing with the specific details  of an estate. 

The Wellington Gallery is very familiar in dealing with estates and assist in the early planning stage at a very affordable cost and will help ensure  you are on the right track before hiring lawyers, accountants, etc. Our consulting rate is $75 per hour and we will point you in the right direction.

Also, we complete Appraisals for Estate purposes to ensure that the personal property items in the estate are equitably distributed.

Our rates are competitive and very reasonable. For example,  $200 plus Hst for an  estate/equitable distribution appraisal (13 to 15 pages) per item. If you have several items, the rate per item is significantly lower.  You won't be disappointed, we have no negative reviews!

We are your first call when dealing with estates and your first call is free! We review what your objectives and items are and we provide a total cost estimate for your consideration. You decide how to proceed from there!