What Is My Estate Worth?

Estate appraisals can be extremely complicated , especially if you hire the wrong person! Typically, when someone dies, there are a number of considerations from wills, probates, legal title and a large number of personal property items? This is normally overwhelming.

The first step is to get a plan in place before dealing with the specific details  of an estate. The last thing you need to do is to start hiring and paying for expensive advice , before you know what you are dealing with and have an initial plan in place.

The owner of the Wellington Gallery is very familiar in dealing with estates and assist in the planning stage at a very affordable cost and make sure you are on the right track before hiring lawyers, accountants, etc., 

We are your first call when dealing with estates. We have legal, accounting , tax, and appraisal contacts to ensure that your estate will be handled in the best and most cost efficient manner. Your first call to us is free!