Market Value Appraisals

When you decide to sell a personal property item, a Market Value appraisal is required. Many people make the mistake of taking their item to a local auction house for a value determination or they use a particular  on-line valuation service. The reason this is typically not good is because the Value of your item can be substantially understated. The local auction house or on-line valuation service is often not the best market for your personal property.

A professional appraiser has to determine the "best market" for your personal property item. In many cases, this can be in another city or country!

For example, the "Best" market for original paintings from Robert Bateman is not even in Canada! 

An auction house will give you a value based on their experience and their market. In many cases, this is not the best market. Using a professional , International Society of Appraiser member , will result in the correct market value for the personal property item you wish to sell.