Market Value, Orderly Liquidation Value , etc., Appraisals

When you decide to sell a personal property item, a Market Value appraisal is often  required. Market Value is the most probable price which a property should bring in a competitive and open market under all conditions requisite to a fair sale, the buyer and seller each acting prudently and knowledgeably, and assuming the price is not affected by undue stimulus. Implicit in this definition are the consummation of a sale as of a specified date and the passing of title from seller to buyer. 

A professional appraiser determines the "best market" for your personal property item. In many cases, this can be in another city or country!

For example, the "Best" market for original paintings from several top Canadian Artists is not even in Canada! 

Using a professional , International Society of Appraiser member , will result in the correct market or other value for the personal property item you wish to sell.