“My early painting of the late 1980's, was greatly influenced by travels to New York and being exposed to and studying the artistic movements of hard-edged geometric abstraction and colorfield painting"
Artist Category
Abstract & Impressionist
Aaron Robbins

York University BFA 1990-95 Visual Arts, Double Major in Painting and Drawing. Aaron's paintings incorporate geometric abstraction combined with anatomical and biochemical renderings. His thesis and work garnered the Markham Group of Artists Bursary Award for most promising art student in York Region, Ontario. After University, Aaron moved in 1997 to British Columbia and experienced the majestic forests, immense vegetative growth and intense floral colors which greatly influenced the subject matter of my paintings. Having a young family also drove an aura of whimsical playfulness into the work. His paintings, through color, movement and expression, create a sense of spirituality void of human presence.

  • Playful Youth Oil On Canvas 16" x 16"
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Aaron was one of the first artists featured at the Wellington Gallery. He is a super talented artist and “Playful Youth” was one of the first paintings collected by the Gallery from Aaron  because of its “feel good” emotion and youthful and fun colours. It was kept in storage for over ten years and not offered for sale until recently. 

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