"My art is created with an evocative, rich palette and a sculptural sense of form resulting in colourful, often winsome abstractions, resulting in unique images open to personal interpretation"
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Abstract & Impressionist
Andrew Plum

Andrew Plum ( b. 1965)

Born in the English Lancashire countryside, Plum began his training at a young age in the family business and soon became an established collector and art & Antiques dealer. At 21 he immigrated to Toronto to run the family antiques business. When travelling through Amsterdam in 2007,  Plum was struck down by lightening in the Van Gogh museum- likely by the old proverbial master himself.  Ever since Plum has developed his deep sensitivities with painting, sculpture and photography. With expertise in fine art, Japanese, Chinese and 20th century British ceramics, Plum’s influences provide his art with an evocative, rich palette and a sculptural sense of form. One could call it abstract expressionism or automatism, but Plum’s colourful, often winsome or enlightening stories and travels emerge seamlessly through the abstraction, creating a unique and bold history of images open to interpretation. 


  • Through the Falling Cascades Acrylic On Canvas 48" x 36" 2020
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  • $3000 Our Wholesale Price

The colours in this beautiful art are the colours of youth and innocence....a truly spectacular piece with  positive energy and emotion.

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