"He is the youngest of seven children of the renowned Woodland Artist, Norval Morrisseau"
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First Nations & Spiritual
Christian Morriseau

Christian was born on December 11, 1969 and raised in Red Lake, Ontario. 

Christian follows in his father’s artistic footsteps and is an accomplished artist in his own right.  His love of this style of art was traditionally passed down to him by his father, Norval, who in turn learned from his grandfather Potan, a well known and respected traditional Shaman.  Christian learned and listened to his father’s teachings and began painting in May 2002.  Christian paints his animal images, landscape, his father and children, his tradition, his legends. Christian is developing his artistic gifts with intensity, discipline, and passion.  One of his first paintings was purchased by the Minister of the Department of Indian Affairs, Robert Nault, as a gift presentation for the historical treaty signing between the Inuit and the Government of Canada in October of 2002.

This is an extremely special painting, completed while Christian's Father, Norval was still alive. It has a dedication to both his father and grandfather on the back of the painting.

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