E. Robert Ross is among the best Landscape and Seascape Artists in the world.
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Landscape & Seascape
E. Robert Ross

Robert Ross was born in 1950.

A native of Hamilton, Ross is also on the Board of Directors of the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Ross captures nature at its best to create vistas that give us the desire to protect the environment.

His work is represented in many Corporate and Private Collections including collections in France, Japan and Greece.

Ross's landscapes are panoramic. He beckons to our personal imaginings by placing us in a particular spot, at a specific time. Deliberate in his compositions, his paintings draw the eye into the centre of the piece, welcoming the viewer to enter the landscape.

His representation of the equilibrium within nature's elements is also intentional. Sky, earth and water strike a balance, a harmonious partnership in Ross's landscapes. He uses the elements of nature as symbols to parallel the human struggle for balance of physical, intellectual and spiritual well being.

  • Winter Awakening Acrylic On Board 45" x 66" 2001
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  • $40000 Our Wholesale Price

Having represented the work of E. Robert Ross for more than 15 years, Gallery Owner, Emil Simon, feels that “Winter Awakening”  is a truly one of a kind, showstopper painting.

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