George Fletcher

George Fletcher began his art career when as a youngster he was wheelchair bound and bored. He began drawing to fill his many vacant hours.

As a teenager he began an apprenticeship in art restoration in Simpson's Art Gallery. He saw that Franz Johnston (a noted Canadian painter) was selling many paintings. George was in charge of installation in the gallery. He thought his paintings were as good as Franz Johnston's and hung some of his own work (unknown to the management) in the gallery!

The paintings sold immediately. Franz Johnston congratulated him. The gallery wanted more of  his professional career was born in that moment.

At 20 years of age he went into the restoration and conservation of art on his own. Many galleries and collectors wanted his beautiful paintings and to employ his incredible skills as a restorer and conservator.

More than painting and restoration he loved canoeing in the lakes and rivers of Ontario, exploring the forest and looking for subjects to paint. 

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