Michael Evert Glover travels coast to coast. The subjects for his work are the disappearing ways of life. These subjects are often forgotten in Canadian History but made immortal by Glover’s work.
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Landscape & Seascape
Michael Everett Glover

Michael Glover’s work is unique and  outstanding in both his use of colour and subject matter. Glover is the founder of “Colour-Field Landscape Painting”.  Rather than focusing on a “typical” pristine,  wilderness or nature scene, Michael focuses on a parts of Canada that few people stop to notice…from the skies over Halifax to the Hell’s Bells in British Columbia.

Glover uses “fields of colour” within his subject matter .  His meditative colour shades and textures create images that foster imagination and document a unique piece of Canadian History.

Over his 4 decades of painting, Michael has had numerous group and solo exhibits and several newspaper articles written about his distinctive painting style.

  • Heavens Above Robert's Banks-Reserved , Pending sale Oil On Canvas 48" x 60"
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  • $4000
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