Rudi Reichardt, a self taught artist was born in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1929.
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Rudi Reichardt

As far back as Rudi can remember he loved drawing and painting. It was the rugged stormy landscape of the Black Forest, exposure to the great European Masters, but most of all, the music of the Baroque shaped his work and life. In 1946, at age 17, Rudi began his professional work painting backdrops at the Opera House in Karlsruhe. Reichardt worked there until 1951 when he immigrated to Canada, where for the next twelve years, he worked as an interior decorator during the day painting murals, paintings and furniture for clients homes. At night, immersing himself in the classical music he loved so well, he would spend endless hours creating art, prints and posters of the quickly vanishing countryside of Southern Ontario.

  • Buffalo In The Mountains Oil On Board 29" x 24"
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