Stephen J. Arthur’s art has been recognized with international awards in Paris, New York and Toronto, they are deemed by Revenue Canada as "...national treasures..."
Artist Category
First Nations & Spiritual
Stephen Arthurs

Born in New Brunswick in 1951.

With over thirty years of refinement, his acrylic on paper and canvas paintings have a content of philosophical, social, historical and metaphysical observations as subject matter. In rendering a stilled moment in time, he portrays life in its essential moments of clarity (Reductionism) while working on a restricted surface space (Miniaturism). Collected museums and galleries across Canada, they also inhabit public, corporate and private collections throughout the US., France, England, Norway and Russia.


  • To Be A Bird On High Acrylic On Canvas 39.25" x 31.25"
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“To be a Bird on High” depicts a historical battle scene between the French and the British, from the vantage point of a "Bird on High"! The subject painting has been exhibited in prestigious Museums Internationally and has the various museum exhibition stamps on the back.

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