Thomas Kemp Kieffer was a life member of the Ontario Society of Artists and also served as president from 1975-83.
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Thomas Kemp Kieffer

Thomas Kemp Kieffer (Jamaican-born Canadian, 1921-1999) noted wilderness & landscape artist, and printmaker. Kemp Kieffer’s intimate views of nature are the product of nearly 50 years of exploring and painting from north of Lake Superior, Algonquin Park and many wilderness regions in central, southern and eastern Ontario, Canada. Kemp was born in Jamaica in 1921, and lived there until about the age of seven before his family moved to England in 1928, where he received his early education. During WWII, from 1940-47, he served in the Royal Air Force and Royal Artillery divisions. After the war, he briefly returned to Jamaica for two years to work. In 1949, he moved to Canada and attended the Ontario College of Art for four years where he studied fine art.

Kemp exhibited in numerous solo, group and juried exhibitions throughout Canada, as well as in the United States, and won several awards for his work. From 1978-89, he juried for many public galleries and community exhibitions, and also gave several critiques and demonstrations to artist groups. In addition, he served as Chairman on the Cansave Art Committee (1960-70), board member on the Visual Arts of Ontario (1976-80), as well as a member of the Arts and Letters Club (1976-80), and as a board member of the Art Gallery of Northumberland (1989-90).

  • Queen Anne's Lace Oil On Canvas 48" x 36"
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The story behind Queen Anne’s Lace flowers is quite interesting.  It is said that Queen Anne was making lace by hand, a process known as tatting, and her lace became the flowers we know today.  While tatting the lace, she pricked her finger and out came a single drop of blood.  The drop fell on the lace and this is where the dark center of some of the flowers comes from.  Although it is agreed that this is the story of Queen Anne’s Lace, what isn’t as clear is which Queen Anne it was.  Some say it was Queen Anne born in 1574 and others say it was Queen Anne who was born in 1665!!

Queen Anne's Lace flowers are wild carrots and smell and taste like carrots and can be found almost everywhere throughout Ontario.

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