Ciba Karisik
  Ciba was born in Sarajevo, and comes by his artistic talent naturally: he is the grandson of two talented artists. By the age of ten he had become a fairly accomplished artist, and was winning nation wide contests in his homeland. The attention he garnered resulted in an invitation to attend the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Art, where he completed both his Bachelor and his Masters degrees.

  By 1982, he had established his own studio in Sarajevo, but War destroyed his studio, his work, and his dreams. Throughout the next year, he produced a series of pastel paintings depicting his impressions of the war and the scars left on his culture. This collection was exhibited in New York. Forced to leave Sarajevo, Ciba and his family moved to Rovingno, in northern Croatia. From a small church studio, he continued to paint, and to exhibit his work in Vienna, Germany, Italy, and in Croatia.
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  In 1996, Ciba and his family immigrated to Canada. Now a Canadian, his artistic success continues.In recent years Ciba’s paintings have been widely collected in both Canada and the United States, and in Europe, and England.

Karisk is also known Internationally for his famous paintings of wine Bottles. The Wellington Gallery arranges commissions from this talented artist.
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