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    The Wellington Gallery is a valuable resource in terms of Art Consulting. Our experience in the art world has been developed through art education, direct connections and working relationships with top artists world wide and decades of purchasing and selling art work.

     In order to help those in need of guidance entering the art world or even to help the established art lover continue their collection, the Wellington Gallery can offer consulting in areas including advisement on artists or artworks, help in the purchase of artwork from an outside party, accompaniment to an auction or even art restoration. By increasing the knowledge and awareness of the art buyer, consulting can help lead to a more successful art collector.

   Art Consulting is $150 per hour of consultation. However, if this is accompanied by a purchase or appraisal through the Wellington Gallery, this fee will be waived. The Wellington Gallery aims to support and encourage the further education and investment in the arts.
Terry Watkinson
Ciba Karisik
Edward Spera
Jim Reid