Accredited Appraisals. Original Artwork & Award Winning Gallery. Founded in 2004.

We complete Appraisals of Fine Art, Sports Memorabilia,  Sports Cards, Coins, Collectibles and other Memorabilia.

Please note that we complete Appraisals for clients throughout the world. We don't necessarily need to see your items personally. Appraisals can be done from quality photos of your personal property items. We are the lowest cost Accredited Appraisers in Canada. Please see below in our FAQ section answers to the most common questions:)

Our ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gallery has also carefully selected  "Collection-Quality Original Art" from established Canadian and International Artists.

We are Open by Appointment Only. You can easily reach us by email or telephone please visit the Contact Us Page.



Question: What makes you different/better?

Answer: We are the only Accredited appraisers in the country that are also active in the markets we appraise. For example, we buy and sell art, coins, collectibles, sports cards, memorabilia, etc., In order to properly appraise personal property it is important to be a dealer to have "real world" experience and knowlege about what you are appraising. 

Question:  What do you do differently from an Auction House or a Dealer that provides Values?

Answer: We determine the "Best Market" for your Personal Property. Typically, an Auction House or a Dealer will give you a Value based on "their" local market which often isn't the best market for your personal property. For example, if you are selling an original Robert Bateman painting and get a value from a Toronto auction house, it will likely be much lower than what the art will sell for in the United States. Bateman originals typically sell for more in America. We also provide written reports if  necessary , according to USPAP standards, to justify our Values. Our reports are often required by Insurance Companies, Lawyers, Tax Authorities, etc., 

Question: How much do you charge for Appraisals?

Answer: The cost depends on the objective of the  Appraisal  and how much work is involved. Initial calls are no charge. In many cases, verbal appraisals are all you need. We charge $150 per hour for verbal appraisals and do home visits if required. The rate for home visits is $200 per hour and it includes the cost of travel.

Written Appraisals result in 10 plus page reports and we will provide a cost estimate once we know the objective of the appraisal, what items are involved, etc. We are the lowest cost accredited appraisers in Canada so start with us first and compare our cost estimate to your other options.

Question: I don't want to pay money and be disappointed?

Answer: We feel the same way! That is why initial consulations are no charge and we only complete appraisals when it is well worth doing for the client. We always strive for win/win situations and no negative reviews. Just call or write to us...we are easy to deal with!

Question: What makes the Original Artwork you carry different from other places?

Answer:  All of the artists collected by the Gallery are established and known throughout Canada, North America or Internationally. We acquire "special" compositions from each artist. Our clients thus obtain rarer and more unique pieces.  All paintings are on-site and available for immediate viewing and purchase. Please visit the Original Art page for a complete viewing. 

As Accredited Members of the International Society of Appraisers, we complete Appraisals of Fine Art, Sports Memorabilia,  Sports Cards, Coins, Stamps , Collectibles and other Memorabilia,  and sales of Original Artwork.

Aurora Chamber of Commerce 2005 BAA Recepient NEW VENTURE AWARD Wellington Gallery

The Gallery owner, Emil Simon, is an Accredited Member of the Acclaimed International Society of Appraisers,

The Wellington Gallery has won business awards and hosted many sold out art shows featuring some of the top artists in the world, such as Steve Kaufman (colleague of Andy Warhol and recipient of the Picasso Ring by the Picasso Academy of Fine Art in Spain). We have also featured many of the top artists in Canada, such as Bruce K. Lawes, Ciba Karisik, Edward Spera, Ken Danby, Michael Adamson,Terry Watkinson, Toller Cranston, Robert Bateman, etc.

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Each Month we Feature a special painting available for the month only at a discounted price. Payments can be made by  PayPal , Cash or any Major Credit Card. Our price includes free shipping within the General Toronto Area. Packaging and courier shipping elsewhere in Canada is $100 and Internationally is $200.

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