Fine Art , Sculptures and Commissions

We Ship Art all over the World.

The Gallery specializes in Fine Art , Sculptures and Commissions

We deal with a wide variety of clients and have no negative reviews.

Please call or text to 416-464-8339 or send an email to

Our Process is Client Friendly:

1. Book a Private Appointment at the Gallery at your convenience. We are open for clients during the day, evenings and weekends. Alternatively, we can come to your home for consultations, our rate is $150 per hour for "House Calls".

2. Consultations and discussions at the Gallery are complimentary. We have a 1500 square foot Gallery and Lounge for relaxed, enjoyable , no obligation, conversation.

3. We are a one stop Gallery and can arrange everything from Sale, Delivery, Framing, Hanging, Commissions, etc.

4. Call, text or email us to book an appointment. We respond to all requests within 24 hours:)