Fine Art, Memorabilia, Coins , Sports Cards, or Collectibles Appraisal

We complete Appraisals for clients throughout the world.  

The Gallery specializes in  Appraisals for Fine Art, Sport Memorabilia, Sports Cards , Memorabilia, Coins, and Collectibles and sales of Original Artwork.

We deal with a wide variety of clients, from individuals to institutions and are the lowest cost Accredited Appraisers in the Country.

If you have ALOT of items, please call us first at 416-464-8339.

If you have a few items you can call us  or email to

Our Process is simple:

1. Tell us what you have to appraise and what you want to do (sell, insure, estate, donate, etc., )

2. We review what you have and tell you whether the items are worth appraising and the cost of doing the appraisal. Initial consultations are no charge.

3. You decide whether or not to proceed.

The most important aspect to hiring an Appraiser for your Fine Art, Memorabilia, Coins, Sports Cards and Collectibles is to ensure that they are actively buying and selling these items on a regular basis. If a person isn't actively buying and selling, they  typically will not properly value your items.

The owner is an Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers. There are very few Accredited Members of the International Society of Appraisers  in Canada. Obtaining this designation involves considerable training and several years of appraisal experience .