The Gallery purchases 100% of the artwork it collects and therefore is able to obtain choice works from it's artists. We  buy art that we believe is among the best from the artist. Our pricing is WHOLESALE . This simply means that the same Art, at a Retail Gallery , would be priced much higher. 

All items all priced in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Because the Gallery owns its Artwork, we can also offer payment terms, up to 6 months,  with no  interest charge.  The Gallery will also trade for paintings. If you have a choice,  original  painting,  from an established and well known artist, we will trade paintings from our collection of total equal value for your painting.

The Gallery buys original artwork from very talented artists. Most of our artists are known across North America and many are known internationally. We  represent artists who are accomplished and have an established background in the world of art. The Gallery primarily offers one of a kind originals.  We do sell some limited edition prints but they would be from brand name artists and of a high interest composition/subject matter.

Payments can be made by  PayPal , Cash or any Major Credit Card or any precious metal coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint.

We personally deliver all artwork purchased free of charge to your home within the Greater Toronto Area, or ship the artwork, free of charge, to customers outside the GTA if the artwork purchased is valued at more than $2500. The Wellington Gallery stands behind all of the art we sell. If artwork purchased is returned in the same, excellent condition that it was purchased within a 30 day period, the Wellington Gallery will refund 90% of the Purchase Price toward any other artwork sold at the Gallery.