Featuring Steve Kaufman's Sinatra

In early 2008, the Wellington Gallery Featured acclaimed Pop artist Steve Kaufman. This was Steve's last show outside of the United States before his sudden death in 2010. Steve produced art with Andy Warhol during the prime of Warhol's career.

The featured painting of Frank Sinatra is the only large sized, original, one of a kind, painting ever produced by Steve Kaufman of Frank Sinatra and the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada " Sign. It measures 64" x 77". The painting was purchased directly from Steve by Gallery owner, Emil Simon, and shipped to the Wellington Gallery from Kaufman's Hollywood Studio. It is being offered for purchase for $40,000 CAD.

Tina Sinatra loved the painting so much, that she asked Steve to bring the painting over to her home so that she could personally sign the back.