Now Featuring "Le Grand Cirque 1956" by Marc Chagall (1887 –1985)

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Le Grand Cirque is a famous painting from Marc Chagall which sold at auction for over $16 million USD.

This beautiful , original Painting, oil on canvas,  is a "re-creation" of Chagall's famous 1956 work of art completed by a talented, world class, International Artist and an elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists.

Ever since his childhood, when he had seen the acrobats in the streets of the Russian town of Vitebsk where he lived with his family, Chagall was fascinated by the theme of the circus, and often returned to this subject-matter in his oeuvre. The arrival of the circus signified the sudden invasion of the wondrous in to the rhythm of everyday life, the transformation of the humdrum into a form of art that left behind a lingering sensation of happiness and amazement. For Chagall, this had an allegorical connection with his own art and its performance, for he could never feel himself to be a painter alone but also a magician, actor and clown. 

Chagall found an endless amount of pleasure in depicting the visual splendor of the circus. Throughout his career he drew great creative energy from watching the event, and some of his most important canvases are fantastic depictions that exaggerate the pageantry of the performance. “It’s a magic world, the circus,” Chagall once wrote, “an age-old game that is danced, and in which tears and smiles, the play of arms and legs take the form of great art….The circus is the performance that seems to me the most tragic. Throughout the centuries, it has been man’s most piercing cry in his search for entertainment and joy.  It often takes the form of lofty poetry. I seem to see a Don Quixote in search of an ideal, like that marvelous clown who wept and dreamed of human love.”


Oil On Canvas

36" x 48"