This Month, Featuring Edward Spera's Bull Elephant

Edward is completely self-taught as are the most genetically gifted artists. Using his own reference, taken in the field on one of his many adventures. Canadian artist Edward Spera's creations are inspired from his travels across the globe.  

Numerous research trips have taken Edward Spera across Africa, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, China, Tibet, North, South & Central America, Alaska and remote parts of Indonesia. From these adventures he is able to take moments of time and turn them into detailed wonders of art. By doing so, Edward hopes to convey to the viewer the incredible beauty of the creatures that share this world with us. Edward spends long hours using the smallest of brushes to recreate the moment. Every brush stroke brings Edward closer to completing the piece, what he calls his tribute to the existence of that particular animal, “ Writers and poets use words, where I as an artist need to convey an experience in a visual manner”.

This image of a large bull elephant was taken in Kruger Park, South Africa. Early one morning, Edward left base camp just as day was breaking and he started down a trail in his Jeep. Suddenly, the enormous mass of a bull elephant stepped out onto the trail and blocked his path. He stopped and waited, unsure of what the elephant would do or where he wanted to go. As he patiently watched, the light from the sunrise crested the horizon and caught the side of the elephant's face, creating this spectacular image.