“I have always admired the quality and aesthetics of the Renaissance Masters. I want to keep that quality alive in present day art and at the same time create work that incorporates the 21st century. It is the exploration and combination of the classical style with a modern twist that I focus on.”
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Pop Art
Judy Sherman

Having studied fine art in Florence, Italy with master painter John Angel of Angel Studios, Judy paints in a classical style using contemporary subjects with a humorous twist.

Showing her artistic talents from a very young age, Judy went on to have a successful career as a graphic designer before becoming a full-time visual artist.

Judy Sherman’s paintings have won numerous juried exhibitions and her art is held in private collections throughout the world. Judy's art is collected by people who appreciate her developed artistic ability and have a good sense of humour!

  • All Souped Up Oil On Canvas 24" x 36"
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  • $5500 Retail Pricing
  • $4000 Our Wholesale Price

“All Souped UP” is an amazing painting which depicts Andy Warhol looking at ALL of the Campbell Soup cans he ever painted! This painting took a trememdous amount of talent , time and research to complete.

  • Fully Charged Oil On Canvas 18" x 36"
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  • $4000 Retail Pricing
  • $2500 Our Wholesale Price
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