Mackey first travelled to the High Arctic in 2002 with renowned artist Doris McCarthy and returned with a passion to share the Arctic with others. After this, Mackey began to lead groups of artists throughout the Arctic while following her dreams. Her strong love for the Arctic grew as it became the primary subject matter in her paintings.
Artist Category
Landscape & Seascape
Linda Mackey

Linda Mackey, Canadian landscape artist, has been painting for over 30 years.

Since her first trip to the High Arctic in 2002 with renowned artist Doris McCarthy , Mackey has become a strong force in educating the world about climate change along with making a name for herself in the art world.  Mackey's paintings have been collected throughout Canada, the United States, Russia and England. Her passion for the subject matter of her work has led to Mackey receiving a number of prestigious awards throughout the world.

“Mouth of Frobisher Bay” is the first painting Linda Mackey completed on her trips with famous artist Doris McCarthy.

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