"Among the best Encaustic (Wax) artists in North America"
Artist Category
Still Life & Figurative
Ron Eady

Featured in prominent magazines and newspapers , Ron Eady is a highly collectable artist.

In 2000 Ron became an elected member of The Ontario Society of Artists (O.S.A.)

“In my work, I like to explore formations or forms, whether man made, natural, or the human form. How they compete with the forces of nature or the pressures of everyday life. Either way, they are dealing with issues, and are represented by forms that are open to interpretation”.

Ron paints with molten wax colours (350 to 400 degrees) an ancient process dating back over 2000 years ago. Ron prefers this method as it's challenging and unpredictable.

Ron Eady’s encaustic paintings can be found in public and private art collections throughout North America , Europe and the Far East.

  • Unstable Encaustic 64" x 32"
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  • 8000$ Retail Pricing
  • 4000$ Our Wholesale Price

Ron Eady is famous for his compositions that depict a variety  of human emotions such as struggle, pain, suffering, challenge, curiosity and wonder.

”Unstable”  depicts a human navigating through life's challenges....

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